Monday, October 6, 2014


This past weekend was General Conference for the LDS church. This happens twice a year and it is where we get to hear from the leaders of our church and learn what things we should be doing and how we can improve. 

This weekend could not have come at a better time for me.

The past few weeks have been hard. I have been struggling with some big decisions and trying to figure out what exactly it is that I want out of my life. I have had some amazing opportunities thrown my way but with those opportunities are kind of changing all my plans. I don't want to complain about being given chances to do amazing things but these chance are forcing me to make some tough choices that I was hoping to avoid. 

Anyways, with this being a rough time in my life I was ready and willing to feel of the spirit of the Lord and to learn what things I need to do. We have been encouraged to listen to conference with a specific question in our hearts that we are in need of the answer to. Now I could have asked the exact question "what should I do?" but I knew that question would really only help me at this exact junture in my life. So in the spirit of trying to learn something I can use forever I decided to ask how I can better seek the guidance of my Heavenly Father.

I can point to multiple talks where that exact question was answered with the words that were spoken. I can also point to many more talks where I was filled with the spirit on how to be better at seeking and following my Heavenly Father's guidance.

Now to the title of this post, I PROMISE that if you pray to Heavenly Father needing help in your life that He will help you. He will give you guidance and comfort. Life can be hard at times but Heavenly Father will not leave you to face it on your own. He wants to help you and guide you through this life so you can return to Him.

If you seek the Lord with real intent then He will guide and protect you, I can PROMISE you that.

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