Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that I only write posts about things I am struggling with. All those negative posts makes it seem like I am having a really hard life right now but really it is just the opposite. I am very very happy with my life. I am more busy than I have ever been but I am doing good productive things and that makes me happy. 

I complain a lot about school but really I like what I am learning and I am grateful for the opportunites that grad school is provding me. Speaking of opportunities, in my last post I was super vague and I hate it when people are vague so eventually I will tell you what decisions I am making. And if you are really dying to know then just text me and I will probably tell you. 

Anyways, back to being happy. Here are some things I have been doing lately. They probably won't be of any interest to you but I want to remember them.

I have gone on lots of walks and this particular walk included a funny moment at a gazebo (hopefully that is enough information for future anna to remember what I am talking about)

I have eaten my weight in the most delicious treats around.

Let it be known that Mcdonalds ice cream cones are the best treat on the earth. Seriously. Unless you get them from the Mcdonalds at City Creek. Then they are no good and a total waste of 96 cents.

And we created the official #spannatemplechallenge.

Sometime in the next little while me and Spencer plan to go to every temple in Utah. We have already been to the Ogden, Draper, and Oquirrh Mountain temples and this weekend we went to the Bountiful temple. 4/14 in like two months isn't such bad progress.

(Oquirrh Mountain)

(we might need to mix up our picture taking poses...)

Also, if anyone has any fun things to do around the Vernal, Logan, Monticello, or Manti temples we are looking for some fun things to supplement our trips. 

So my life is pretty happy right now, how is everyone else doing?

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