Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Self timer 2.

I know I already wrote a post about self timers  and I already posted the result of this batch of self timer pictures but these make me laugh so hard I can't resist. 

The process of setting up the self timer and actually taking the pictures is probably the mot hilarious and awkward thing. Especially if there are other people around. Well I think it all might just think these are the most boring pictures ever.

At least we always end up with a good one.

I would also like to clarify that sometimes I do things with people other than Spencer. For some reason he is the only person that gets any air time on this blog but really, I have other friends. Promise. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

St George

I think I have been to St. George more this year than I have in my whole combined life. This last weekend I went for my third time. Which seems crazy to me. 

Anyways, we went down there for Spencer to ride a century aka 100 miles aka craziness.

And it was our first road trip together!

So we obviously had to take a super unflattering picture of me.

We drove down friday afternoon. The drive there wasn't too bad and it was semi-pretty.

We got there, ate dinner, and stopped by the St. George Temple to get 5/14 for the #spannatemplechallenge, and then went to bed. 

(failed temple selfie)

The next morning I had to wake up way earlier than I would have liked to watch Spencer start his race and then drive the whole route so that we could give him waterbottles and snacks as he needed. Lets just say that I am not the best support crew ever. And definitely not the best photographer because this is the best and pretty much only shot I got.

After he finished (I also missed his finish) we had to hustle. It was like 2 and we had to be back in Salt Lake by 7. So we packed up and left in just over an hour which is pretty quick because someone I know moves at the rate of a snail. 

But luckily someone knows how to drive and I got us back home in less than 4 hours. Go me!

And Spencer just took a nap.

It was a quick 28 hours but I think it was favorite trip to St. George this year. 


Thursday, October 23, 2014


So I found this blog called Un-Fancy. The whole point of this blog is that every three months she creates something a capsule wardrobe. A capsule wardrobe is about 37 pieces that you wear for three months and then you have a next wardrobe for the next three months. 

I thought it was a pretty good idea because I have been doing way too much shopping lately and this will limit my shopping. You are not supposed to shop until the last two weeks of your capsule to plan your next capsule. Plus I think it is a pretty fun idea. 

So I made my own capsule wardrobe. 

You have to start by cleaning out your whole closet.

I obviously have way too many clothes.

Then I put most of those clothes into storage.

And started arranging my capsule.

And this is what I came up with 
(keep in mind I am horrible at photographing clothes and my clothes look better than this in real life)

For those of you who weren't counting that is only 22 items. WAYYY less than she has on the blog. But I feel good about it.

I also decided I am only going to do 6 weeks instead of three months just to ease myself into it.

So if you see me around and I am wearing the same outfit as I was wearing the day before then you will know why.

Also, I don't think I am going to take pictures of my outfits but if anyone wants me to I will?  So let me know.

(With my lacking of blogging lately it will be a miracle if anyone is reading much less commenting)

Tuesday, October 14, 2014


It has been brought to my attention that I only write posts about things I am struggling with. All those negative posts makes it seem like I am having a really hard life right now but really it is just the opposite. I am very very happy with my life. I am more busy than I have ever been but I am doing good productive things and that makes me happy. 

I complain a lot about school but really I like what I am learning and I am grateful for the opportunites that grad school is provding me. Speaking of opportunities, in my last post I was super vague and I hate it when people are vague so eventually I will tell you what decisions I am making. And if you are really dying to know then just text me and I will probably tell you. 

Anyways, back to being happy. Here are some things I have been doing lately. They probably won't be of any interest to you but I want to remember them.

I have gone on lots of walks and this particular walk included a funny moment at a gazebo (hopefully that is enough information for future anna to remember what I am talking about)

I have eaten my weight in the most delicious treats around.

Let it be known that Mcdonalds ice cream cones are the best treat on the earth. Seriously. Unless you get them from the Mcdonalds at City Creek. Then they are no good and a total waste of 96 cents.

And we created the official #spannatemplechallenge.

Sometime in the next little while me and Spencer plan to go to every temple in Utah. We have already been to the Ogden, Draper, and Oquirrh Mountain temples and this weekend we went to the Bountiful temple. 4/14 in like two months isn't such bad progress.

(Oquirrh Mountain)

(we might need to mix up our picture taking poses...)

Also, if anyone has any fun things to do around the Vernal, Logan, Monticello, or Manti temples we are looking for some fun things to supplement our trips. 

So my life is pretty happy right now, how is everyone else doing?

Monday, October 6, 2014


This past weekend was General Conference for the LDS church. This happens twice a year and it is where we get to hear from the leaders of our church and learn what things we should be doing and how we can improve. 

This weekend could not have come at a better time for me.

The past few weeks have been hard. I have been struggling with some big decisions and trying to figure out what exactly it is that I want out of my life. I have had some amazing opportunities thrown my way but with those opportunities are kind of changing all my plans. I don't want to complain about being given chances to do amazing things but these chance are forcing me to make some tough choices that I was hoping to avoid. 

Anyways, with this being a rough time in my life I was ready and willing to feel of the spirit of the Lord and to learn what things I need to do. We have been encouraged to listen to conference with a specific question in our hearts that we are in need of the answer to. Now I could have asked the exact question "what should I do?" but I knew that question would really only help me at this exact junture in my life. So in the spirit of trying to learn something I can use forever I decided to ask how I can better seek the guidance of my Heavenly Father.

I can point to multiple talks where that exact question was answered with the words that were spoken. I can also point to many more talks where I was filled with the spirit on how to be better at seeking and following my Heavenly Father's guidance.

Now to the title of this post, I PROMISE that if you pray to Heavenly Father needing help in your life that He will help you. He will give you guidance and comfort. Life can be hard at times but Heavenly Father will not leave you to face it on your own. He wants to help you and guide you through this life so you can return to Him.

If you seek the Lord with real intent then He will guide and protect you, I can PROMISE you that.