Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sometimes Spencer and I just go out and do random things. One night we just randomly drove up to the Capital and it was spectacular.

It was almost magical seeing it all lit up. Seriously so worth stopping and I was super super glad I had brought my nice camera. 

Spencer had the great idea of setting the timer on my camera so we could get pictures of us together. Lets just say that we got some real gems. I'm going to post them all because the transition of them was so hilarious.

Aren't we just so photogenic?

I say that as a joke but the last picture of definitely my favorite one we have ever taken together. Like maybe it is the background on my phone and I instagrammed it and I am debating making it my facebook profile picture....

I just really love it!

I also really love random adventures so if anyone has any good adventuring ideas let me know!

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