Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Sometimes Spencer and I just go out and do random things. One night we just randomly drove up to the Capital and it was spectacular.

It was almost magical seeing it all lit up. Seriously so worth stopping and I was super super glad I had brought my nice camera. 

Spencer had the great idea of setting the timer on my camera so we could get pictures of us together. Lets just say that we got some real gems. I'm going to post them all because the transition of them was so hilarious.

Aren't we just so photogenic?

I say that as a joke but the last picture of definitely my favorite one we have ever taken together. Like maybe it is the background on my phone and I instagrammed it and I am debating making it my facebook profile picture....

I just really love it!

I also really love random adventures so if anyone has any good adventuring ideas let me know!

Monday, September 15, 2014


Sorry for a lack of posting. Grad school is taking up more time than I thought and I just haven't had very much to blog about. But I went to the fair last weekend and going to the fair always deserves a blog post.

First lets just start with the food.

Obviously we had to have everything fried. In addition to this deep fried bacon and funnel cake we had a corn dog and deep fried reese's. No one is mad about that.

Besides the food which is always my favorite, the best part of the fair is the animals.

Definitely the best selfie I have ever taken. I was obsessed with the pigs. And the goats. And the cows. Ok, I was obsessed with all of them.

We tried to get a decent picture of us but the lady that took the picture got way too close to our faces and we hated the picture she took but we just said thank you and walked away because we are scaredy cats who don't like asking people to take our picture.

Also lets just say this is probably the worst picture ever taken of either of us. Ugly ugly.

All in all the fair is perfection. Just enough red neckness to make me happy.

Friday, September 5, 2014


Guys, this summer was definitely one of the best ever. I would put it right on par with the summer after I graduated high school (which was definitely the bestest ever). So I guess in order to have a good summer you have to graduate from something.  So all you contemplating dropping out of college, don't do it! The best summer ever will only come if you graduate!!

Well that was an unexpected tangent...

Back to the point. Summer was really good to me and I am sad to see it go but I am also excited to see what the next few seasons have in store for me. 

Obviously summer started when I graduated

And since you didn't really graduate unless you go on a trip I just had to go to Hawaii with the most amazing Courtney. It may look like we did a lot of stuff while we were there but mostly we just watched Million Dollar Listing New York and every episode of Chrisley Knows Best (the BEST show on tv!!)

Then I had the most wonderful Golden Birthday I could have ever asked for.

I had the best trip ever to New York to visit Ivy. 
(And we took no pictures together so that is seriously disappointing) 

I spent a lot of time in the mountains and enjoyed almost every moment of it.

I went to about a million and a half weddings but I LOVE seeing my friends so happy and eating free food so I will never complain.

And I spent probably too much time with this kid but I am definitely definitely not complaining about that.

Here's hoping that grad school will be as good as this summer was!

(this is my first day of school picture in case you didn't know...)

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Perfect Day.

Want to know how to have a perfect day?

Go to class and actually feel prepared and ready to learn the material.

Spend the afternoon with the cutest red headed baby you ever did see.

Go to the Temple with your favorite person.

Eat a chipotle burrito with said favorite person.

Look through your high school yearbook.

Go to bed early.

Perfect recipe for the perfect day.