Friday, August 15, 2014

Tour of Utah.

Now you may not guess it but I actually really enjoy professional cycling. And by that I mean that I really enjoy watching other people ride their bikes professionally. The only thing I want to do professionally is eat cookies. 

We are super lucky here in Utah because we get to have the Tour of Utah here every August. It is apparently one of the harder stage races out there. We always like to go watch at least part of one stage and this year may have been one of the best. 

We drove part way up Little Cottonwood Canyon and parked at a pretty steep part so we could see the riders go by at a reasonable pace. They are already gone up like two canyons that day so we thought maybe they would be tired and slow but that definitely wasn't the case. 

As you can tell, we all seemed super excited to be there. 

Despite our expressions we were actually having a good time. And it got even better when we saw the first cyclists.

I may be one of the only people who knows who that guy in the red is but it is Cadel Evans. He won the Tour de France a few years ago and he is an amazing cyclist. Seeing him this close in real life was really cool. 

And look how close Spencer was to him!

After this first group passed the rest of the riders kept coming in small little groups until the pelaton caught up. 

Maybe I am just a dork but this was really exciting to me. They are such amazing athletes and seeing them so close is awesome. It is even more awesome when they throw their water bottles onto the side of the road so you get a little souvenir. 

Maybe this will prove that Utah isn't as boring as people think it is, but it will probably just prove that I am more boring than people think I am haha. 

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  1. I for one think this is pretty cool, and Utah is most definitely NOT boring!