Tuesday, August 5, 2014

So bad its good.

Sometimes you are just really grumpy and literally nothing you do will make you feel better. You have no real reason to be grumpy but you just are. You just want to lay in your bed until you feel better, but then you spend a long time laying in your bed and nothing makes you feel better. 

Then you start reading blogs because just laying in bed makes you bored in addition to your bad mood and you come across this post

It was all about which song is so bad that it puts you in a good mood. My go to song for that is usually. 

But in the post it mentioned that it should be a popular song. That made me look into the top lists on spotify and obviously I came across this.

I definitely wouldn't say this song is bad, I LOVE it. Plus it reminded me that I love Adam Levine. Which lead to me pulling up Maroon 5 on my ipod. 

Now I am not going to confirm anything but there is a possibility that I spent the next 30 minutes rocking out to the sweet sounds of Adam Levine. 

And who can continue being grumpy when they are listening to Adam??

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