Monday, August 25, 2014

Bucket List Recap.

School starts tomorrow ( what the heck?!?!?!) so I guess it is time to recap my Summer Bucket List.

- go to the zoo

- go to antelope island

- write more letters/write a missionary every week

- go out to eat by myself

(if someone wants to throw me a surprise party I would not be mad, hint hint)

- cook at least three recipes from my pintrest board
 (and cook something every week)

- take my dog on lots of walks

- have another "fancy friday"

- make some sort of craft project

- go on a road trip

- movie marathon

- do a photo a day project

- go to a Bee's game

- go "unplugged" at least one day a week

- talk to a new person every week

- go to a yoga class

(and visit 3 new temples)

- play lots of tennis

I accomplished a decent amount of things on my bucket list. If I finished the thing then I crossed it out and added a link to where I blogged about it (or something relating to it). While I was doing these things I thought I had accomplished way more of these than I actually did. I guess I will just have to make a fall bucket list to complete the rest of them. 

But lets be honest, the only thing that is on my fall bucket list is to not fail Biostatistics. 

Wish me luck....I am going to need it.

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