Tuesday, August 19, 2014


Well last weekend this happened. 

That's right, I went backpacking. If you know me at all then you will know that backpacking is something I said I would never do. But yet, it was done. 

We hiked up to Lake Blanche and spent the night sleeping on a rock. So that was fun. 

(thats the tarp we slept on, oh I didn't mention that we didn't even have a tent?)

I won't sugarcoat this at all. The hiking was awful. It may seem like I go on a bunch of hikes but I go on the easiest ones I can find and I usually go alone so I can go as slow as I want. That was not the case with this one. It was longer than I was anticipating and way more difficult. 

But I only cried once while hiking. So that's a bonus. And also really embarrassing for me to admit, but whatever. 

At least the destination was pretty.

And I guess the company was decent...

(maybe the worst picture ever of me but the only one documenting our whole group)

But I did get a pop tart so no complaints there. 

So all in all, backpacking is definitely not my new favorite activity but it all worked out for the best and I am glad I went. But my bed really missed me so I don't think I will be leaving it anytime soon. 

Oh and I got some super awesome flowers. #notmad


  1. Girl, that trail is literally the worst! But the end is sooo worth it. But is the WORST! I didn't know you could backpack up there! I want to do that!

    1. It was so so horrible. I don't even love hiking that much so it made it that much worse! But once we got there I wasn't really complaining.