Wednesday, August 6, 2014


Wedding season is in full swing around these parts. I know of at least two people getting married every weekend for the next few weeks. But the most important wedding took place last Saturday.

My favoritest friend Austin got married. 

I am so so happy for him and Andi but I am a little sad that our friendship is changing. We have had some of the best adventures ever and I am sad for those to end.

(You can find some of our adventures here like fancy fridaycabin scaringbirthday celebrationspumpkin carving,  St. George, and best of all Las Vegas)

I am so excited for what the rest of his life holds for him and his beautiful new wife. I know they are going to have a lifetime full of great memories and hopefully I can continue to be part of that. 

But for now I will just be hanging out with my by myself and speaking in alien noises. 

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