Monday, July 21, 2014

Times Square.

One morning I spent way too long waiting to get play tickets that I couldn't even get and after that I was a little grumpy and decided to console myself by going into M&M world. (more about said play later)

Let me just say that M&M world was disappointing but little did my inexperienced brain know that M&M world would lead me right to Times Square. 

And I was very very happy about that. Ivy had told me how much Times Square sucks and how I shouldn't even go there. But I was happy that I didn't listen to her. 

While on vacation I normally try to look like a local so people will think I am cool but who can resist being a tourist sometimes? Plus, I will never see any of those people again so who really cares what they think?

I have no idea what this art installation was but I liked it. 

After admiring the craziness that is Times Square I took a little break in the largest Toys R Us there ever was. My childhood self was insanely jealous. 

Although my childhood self went to FAO Schwartz and Hamley's so I think childhood Anna was doing just fine.

And what is a visit to Times Square if you don't even take a selfie?

As I was taking this picture a random lady was like "oh my! That was so cute!" so #touristanna was not so embarrassed anymore. 

Yay Times Square!

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