Monday, July 28, 2014

Of Mice and Men.

I mentioned in this post that I spent a lot of time waiting for play tickets that I didn't get. But we were not giving up that easily. Ivy went back and waited in the line again and I am sure glad she did. 

The play was Of Mice and Men. I would be lying if I say that the main reason I went the the play wasn't to see James Franco and Leighton Meester. I obviously had to up my celebrity count! But I could not have been more impressed with the play itself.

I usually don't love plays. I see their value and understand their entertainment but sometimes they are just not my favorite things. But this play totally changed that. It was so well done and amazingly cast and brilliantly produced. I was so so impressed and happy. When the play was over I really didn't even care if I saw James Franco because he has already blown me out of the water with his acting skills. 

But obviously we saw him..

(That's him in the black hat)

We decided to wait across the street and I was kind of mad because he signed so many programs and took the time to take selfies with like every single person. But he did wave at us so #notmad

People always say that he is a horrible person and deserves no respect and he may not be the best person but his acting skills are phenomenal and he was really good to his fans this night. 

My respect for him and increased significantly and he may be one of my favorite actors now. So if anyone is in the mood to watch As I Lay Dying with me, it is the next movie on my list. 

Hooray for celebs and James Franco!

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