Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On my last day in New York I made a spur of the moment decision and decided to venture up to Columbia. Harvard is the only other Ivy League school I have seen so I decided to expand my horizons. 

I still haven't decided if visiting Columbia was a good idea or not. I applied there for grad school and didn't get in. I have since felt that not getting in was probably a good thing because the University of Utah is a much better fit for what I want to do and where I want to be but that doesn't mean it still doesn't sting to get rejected. 

That sting was just exacerbated by seeing this.

I will be honest and say that I almost started crying while walking around the campus. It was so beautiful and everything that a college campus should be. I could see myself there. 

After spending a good amount of time there I had to just let go and walk away. 

Columbia isn't the place that I will be spending the next two years and there is a reason for that. I know some of the reasons and I am sure there are others that I will learn about along the way. So while it is an amazing place and I envy anyone that gets to spend time there I just have to let it go and move forward. 

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