Thursday, July 31, 2014

Brooklyn Bridge.

To round up my New York posts I will share my absolute favorite thing I did. (besides the cupcake ATM, that will always by my favorite)

Brooklyn Bridge!!!

Ivy told me to come meet her after work so we could walk across the bridge. I was excited but little did I know that it would be my favorite night of the whole trip.

(except for the night when Messi lost the World Cup. That was extraordinarily satisfying)

I took way too many pictures so just deal with it.

(Try to find the Statue of Liberty!)

While I was walking across the bridge I didn't think it could get any better but then we got these views. 

My life was totally complete in that moment. Then we found a Shake Shack and then my life was really complete. 

I was perfectly happy to just live at Shake Shack but Ivy thought we should like go back to her apartment or something. The main problem is that I ate so so much and I was feeling so so lazy. We walked like a block and then decided that walking was over rated so we caught a cab. 

By this point we were drunk on rootbeer floats and the cab driver thought we were totally insane. We can't help it if looking at pictures of Messi's baby is the funniest thing ever!

I mean, seriously. Look at that baby. He is plotting his world takeover as we speak.

But enough about Messi. 

I LOVED New York. It was so so good to me and I am so grateful to Ivy for letting me sleep in her bed. She is the best and no one understands my life like she does. Who else will spend hours discussing soccer players and buzzfeed lists with me?? 

Anyways, such a good trip and I can't wait to go back! 

(Mostly just to get cronuts, I can't live without cronuts)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Of Mice and Men.

I mentioned in this post that I spent a lot of time waiting for play tickets that I didn't get. But we were not giving up that easily. Ivy went back and waited in the line again and I am sure glad she did. 

The play was Of Mice and Men. I would be lying if I say that the main reason I went the the play wasn't to see James Franco and Leighton Meester. I obviously had to up my celebrity count! But I could not have been more impressed with the play itself.

I usually don't love plays. I see their value and understand their entertainment but sometimes they are just not my favorite things. But this play totally changed that. It was so well done and amazingly cast and brilliantly produced. I was so so impressed and happy. When the play was over I really didn't even care if I saw James Franco because he has already blown me out of the water with his acting skills. 

But obviously we saw him..

(That's him in the black hat)

We decided to wait across the street and I was kind of mad because he signed so many programs and took the time to take selfies with like every single person. But he did wave at us so #notmad

People always say that he is a horrible person and deserves no respect and he may not be the best person but his acting skills are phenomenal and he was really good to his fans this night. 

My respect for him and increased significantly and he may be one of my favorite actors now. So if anyone is in the mood to watch As I Lay Dying with me, it is the next movie on my list. 

Hooray for celebs and James Franco!

Friday, July 25, 2014


You know me, and so you should know that the main reason I went to New York was to eat yummy food. And goodness, I ate enough yummy food to last a lifetime.

You already know about the cronuts. But they deserve to be mentioned again. 

First off I should tell you that I am really proud of myself because I finally went to a bar! I have been wanting to go since I turned 21 and no one would go with me so I had to go by myself. Really I just needed somewhere to watch one of the world cup matches and a bar was the perfect place.

While there I had yummy yummy sliders and fries but I was too embarrassed to take a picture. Oh, and I only drank diet coke, no one freak out.

Next up I tried Magnolia Bakery. Now I am a cupcake connoisseur and these ones were too cute to pass up.

But sadly, not that great. I would definitely skip them the next time and just spend literally all my money on our next contestant.


Sprinkles cupcakes are from heaven and I have never tasted anything that made me so happy. I would seriously be content if I only ate their cherry cupcakes for the rest of my life. They were perfection. 

Shake Shack is also perfection.

I thought people were exaggerating when they were always raving about shake shack but is is happiness in the form of a cheeseburger. I can not say enough good things about it. 

Now the best food we got the whole trip was from this farmers market thing that was completely made up of food vendors. This is how happy I was to be there eating corn.

And you know I ate every bit of that corn.

I also had mini pigs in a blanket and a shaved ice. I can not even tell you how wonderful they all were. Probably my biggest disappointment in life (besides not being rodeo royalty) is that I can not eat there every week. 

The food in New York just made me a little too happy and it is not surprising that I came home weighing significantly more than I did when I left #sorrynotsorry.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014


On my last day in New York I made a spur of the moment decision and decided to venture up to Columbia. Harvard is the only other Ivy League school I have seen so I decided to expand my horizons. 

I still haven't decided if visiting Columbia was a good idea or not. I applied there for grad school and didn't get in. I have since felt that not getting in was probably a good thing because the University of Utah is a much better fit for what I want to do and where I want to be but that doesn't mean it still doesn't sting to get rejected. 

That sting was just exacerbated by seeing this.

I will be honest and say that I almost started crying while walking around the campus. It was so beautiful and everything that a college campus should be. I could see myself there. 

After spending a good amount of time there I had to just let go and walk away. 

Columbia isn't the place that I will be spending the next two years and there is a reason for that. I know some of the reasons and I am sure there are others that I will learn about along the way. So while it is an amazing place and I envy anyone that gets to spend time there I just have to let it go and move forward. 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Birthday 2.

Guys I just can't get over #annasgoldenbirthday and since it has been a month since that blessed event I obviously need to share some more pictures. 

As you can tell, lighting the candles was a huge ordeal

Pretty sure this is where my hair caught on fire.

And somehow we got a lovely view of Andrew smirking. I have no idea who took this picture or where it even came from. But not mad.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Times Square.

One morning I spent way too long waiting to get play tickets that I couldn't even get and after that I was a little grumpy and decided to console myself by going into M&M world. (more about said play later)

Let me just say that M&M world was disappointing but little did my inexperienced brain know that M&M world would lead me right to Times Square. 

And I was very very happy about that. Ivy had told me how much Times Square sucks and how I shouldn't even go there. But I was happy that I didn't listen to her. 

While on vacation I normally try to look like a local so people will think I am cool but who can resist being a tourist sometimes? Plus, I will never see any of those people again so who really cares what they think?

I have no idea what this art installation was but I liked it. 

After admiring the craziness that is Times Square I took a little break in the largest Toys R Us there ever was. My childhood self was insanely jealous. 

Although my childhood self went to FAO Schwartz and Hamley's so I think childhood Anna was doing just fine.

And what is a visit to Times Square if you don't even take a selfie?

As I was taking this picture a random lady was like "oh my! That was so cute!" so #touristanna was not so embarrassed anymore. 

Yay Times Square!

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Nature

As an interlude to all my posts about a HUGE city I give you one about nature.

After getting home I was feeling a little trapped of being in a big city surrounded by people so I knew that I needed to get out into the mountains. Luckily I have a pretty good adventuring buddy.

We like to keep it classy with Chipotle and store bought muddy buddies.

After our fancy picnic we did a little exploring.

I dared Spencer to walk across this random fallen log but he was too much of a wimp so I obviously had to do it myself.

Also, life is so much more fun with a personal photographer. I should be a celeb so that the paparazzi could document my every move. 

Anyways, we just had a little walk through the woods and it was lovely. I really love the vibe of the big city but sometimes you just need a little nature.