Wednesday, June 25, 2014


Now I did not get a surprise party but I like to be in charge of things so planning my own party was probably the best solution. But I did still get a surprise. 

On Saturday Spencer asked if he could take me to dinner on Monday since he didn't get a chance that weekend and obviously I said yes. 

Then Monday rolled around and it was rough. I was babysitting the WHOLE day and by that evening I was totally over everything. I really just wanted to go home and get in my bed.  And then the dad of the family I was babysitting for came home late and so I had about 7 minutes to get home and get ready. By the time Spencer knocked on my door I was just about ready to ask him if we could just go to Taco Bell and then let me go to bed. 

But then he showed up with these and somehow I felt instantly better. Seriously, those might be magic flowers.

Anyways, my mood had significantly improved and we were going to one of my favorite restaurants and eating yummy food always puts me in a good mood. Then as we were walking in I saw Andrew and Laurel walking in at the same time. I literally thought they just happened to be at the restaurant at the same time as we did. And then no one even acted like it was weird that they were there. I was really so confused and it  took me like 5 minutes to figure out that Spencer had invited them. Our little party was rounded out with Jeff and Lindsey and it resulted in the most perfect surprise birthday dinner I could have asked for. 

So thank you to all of my wonderful friends that came and an extra BIG thank you to Spencer for planning the whole thing without me suspecting a thing. 

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