Tuesday, June 10, 2014

La Perouse

The time has come to tell you all about my trip to Hawaii. Be warned, these posts might take the rest of the summer to complete.  And they may be pretty boring but they are mostly just for me to remember. But I do hope you enjoy them.

One of our first days in Hawaii we went to La Perouse Bay. To get to the Bay you have to drive through the lava field. I didn't take any pictures of the lava fields because I was too busy driving. But this is pretty much what it looks like in every direction.

The lava is not the reason to go, the Bay is the real breadwinner here.

Really all we did this day was take a little walk down the bay and enjoy the sun. Actually, that is basically all I ever want to do in Hawaii. Enjoy the sun and maybe eat some food. 

And some proof that I was actually there!

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