Wednesday, June 18, 2014


In all my visits to Hawaii I have never been to Hana. My family just kind of never got around to it so Courtney and I were really excited to go...except for all the horrible things we heard about the road to Hana. The road was not as bad as I was anticipating but it is definitely not my new favorite road to drive on. 

We read in the guidebook to pull off at some random mile marker and start walking up the riverbed. Which was a little nerve wracking at first but super pretty. The walking was worth it when we rounded the corner and saw this.

Seriously so amazing and there were only a few people there. But luckily there was someone to take our picture once we jumped in. (Don't mind the random lady...)

The water was so so cold but it was so worth it to swim in a waterfall!

The picture above might be my favorite picture I took on the whole trip.

We stopped a few more times along the way and saw some really amazing things. I was really really happy we decided to make the drive. 

And this black sand beach was amazing!

That is just about the end of my Hawaiian adventures. Literally all we did on the rest of the days is eat, sit by pool, go to the beach, then eat some more, and try to be tan (be sure to compliment me on my tan). It was heaventy but doesn't really lend itself to very good blog posts. 

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