Monday, June 2, 2014


I keep saying that I will tell you all about Hawaii but at the rate I am going that may never happen and right now I have something more important to say. 

Are You Satisfied? by Marina & The Diamonds on Grooveshark

Anyways, the main quote from that song that I like is "Are you satisfied with an average life?". That is something I have been thinking a lot about. And I don't think that I am satisfied with an average life right now.  I want to have a spectacular life. But not in the way that I want everyone to think my life is spectacular, I just want to think my own life is spectacular.

I think a spectacular life can mean different things for everyone. I am not quite sure what it means for me yet but I intend to find out.

I just finished reading the book Looking for Alaska by John Green (the author of The Fault in Our Stars). In this book that main character goes to a new school to "seek a great perhaps". He is ready to start his life and stop living the way he has been living.

I feel like I am ready to do the same thing.

I am ready to find out what my great perhaps is and make my life spectacular.

I'm not quite sure how I am going to do that but I have hope that I can. 

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