Thursday, April 17, 2014


Last Saturday was Henry's birthday and he got the best present ever!

A puppy!!! 

A very large puppy!

He is a Great Pyrennes and we are all obsessed with him. He is a little bit of a spaz but that makes it all the better. Oh, and he doesn't have a name yet, so don't ask. 

Right now he is just a sleepy pup and he apparently likes to sleep in all the weirdest places.

But that is not the oddest thing about him. He is completely unable to walk on a leash. If you even try to pull him at all he just lays down. 

This is how far we got on our walk the other day. Yes that is my house in the background which means we made it to the neighbors front lawn. Super productive. 

Even though he is a little crazy we still like him! 

Hooray for puppies!

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  1. STOP HE IS SO CUTE!!!! and oh my gosh! that last pick! i'm dying.