Monday, April 14, 2014


Do you ever have a day that just feels pretty much perfect?

That's how Friday felt to me. 

The weather was glorious, I had a short to-do list filled with things I actually wanted to do, and fairly exciting plans that evening. 

I spent the morning sleeping as long as I wanted and exercising for the 1800 minute challenge (I am a little behind so I really should get myself in gear)

I spent ALL afternoon trying to get my graduation announcements put together. That involved getting paper/envelopes, printing the announcements, addressing envelopes, cutting the announcements, and enjoying a slurpee. It was kind of a tedious task but it was nice to make a list of all the people that I want to celebrate graduating college with. And I also had to text like a million people to get their addresses and it was nice catching up with some people. Oh how I love all the people in my life!

(That being said, I am sure I forgot some important people and if you want an announcement I would LOVE to send one to you, just let me know!)

That evening I went ice skating.

It should be noted that I am not that great at ice skating and Spencer kept trying to get me to be tricky. The end result of that was me on the ground. Now, I am sticking with the story that Spencer pushed me which caused me to fall, but there is some debate about what actually happened.

After ice skating we stopped by Little Ceaser's because what night is complete without pizza? We tried to share our pizza with Andrew and Laurel but they weren't home so we just sat in their driveway and ate the pizza. Not weird at all.

Now, this whole day may sound very exciting or great to anyone else but I really enjoyed it. I think we all pay too much attention to when times our hard in our lives and don't take enough time to recognize when life is just good and easy. Does anyone else have any simply wonderful things that they did this weekend?

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