Monday, March 10, 2014

Follow up.

Now that two months of the year are gone (how insane is that???) I think it is time to do a little follow up on how my resolutions are going.

Generally I would like to say that I have felt more peaceful this year but I don't quite think that is true. I have still felt a lot of stress and haven't been so good at controlling it. But I also think that I have been able to let go of some of the unnecessary stress I put on myself. I have been better at realizing what things I should actually be stressed about and what I can just let go of. If stress isn't going to help me control the outcome of something then I am usually ok at letting it go.

Ummm talking about procrastination is kind of awkward because I think I may have been getting worse. I have some serious senioritis killing me right now. Motivating myself to keep working in school is nearly impossible but recently I got a pretty good reason to keep working hard so hopefully the procrastination won't be quite as bad. (Don't worry, I will tell you more about said reason soon).

I was doing so so good at reading my scriptures every morning and then I got sick and could barely wake up at the time I had to and couldn't make the extra time to read in the morning. After that I haven't been able to get back in the habit but I am definitely going to rededicate myself because I saw a huge difference in my life when I was reading daily. 

So physical activity. I can't say that I have kept up with my goal exactly but I have been doing better lately. I have felt generally more motivation to be less lazy. I can't say I always follow through on that motivation but at least I am thinking about it.

Really taking time to reflect on my resolutions has made me remember why I made these goals and that I really need to keep working on them. And hopefully every one else is doing better than me at working towards their goals.  

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