Thursday, February 6, 2014


So I realize that yesterday's post may have been a little dramatic.

I didn't actually realize that it was all that dramatic until the lovely Courtney called me to see how I was doing. 

I wasn't trying to be dramatic or overly emotional. I was just stating how I felt/feel.

But now I can honestly say I feel better. I spent yesterday morning sleeping, cleaning my room, and catching up on some laundry. It is amazing what just a little bit of physical straightening can do for your internal mess. I feel like just having a cleaner space helped me have a cleaner head. 

A little order can go a long way. 

So I feel better and am moving forward to a hopefully less whelmed life. Any other tips on how to have a more peaceful life?

 (As you can tell my resolution is going really well....not)

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  1. I have been told many times by many different people to try to be more present-focused. Pay attention to the sounds you hear, the feel of the chair on your back, the rhythm of your breath. I have an audio clip I can send to you that forces you to sit and pay attention and focus on the moment. It is really hard to keep the past or the future from invading, but it's important to try. I've been there - a lot!