Friday, February 28, 2014


Here's the thing, I love buzzfeed and I really love buzzfeed quizzes. Like really love them. 

The other day I took like a lot of their quizzes (because I hate school and don't like doing homework anymore) and they were seriously spot on. 

First of all, I took the "which Liz Lemon food are you?" I never actually watched 30 Rock but I know that Liz Lemon is hilarious and eats a lot of good food. 

Cupcake sandwich!!!!! Obviously sounds like the best thing ever created and so perfectly describes me.

Then I took "Which celebrity couple are you and your significant other?" But since I am lacking in a significant other I just did it for me and Ivy because she's basically my favorite person.

Of course I got Will and Kate. I always told you all I was meant to be royal!

I also took the "Which Scandal character are you?" one and got Olivia Pope. Which is highly significant for many reasons.

With all that being said, I still don't trust those quizzes because one time it told me I was meant to be single forever so....#foreveralone 

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