Friday, February 7, 2014


If you know me at all then you know that I LOVE the band The National Parks. I just think they are so fabulous and I can not get enough of them, so when I heard they were playing a free show in park city you know I was obviously going to be there. 

At first I felt a little awkward about the whole thing. They were playing in the lobby area of a hotel and we were the first people there. So we sat down and just listened to the girl playing before them. The lead singer was standing just in front of us and the whole time I was just working up the courage to ask him to take a picture with me but by the time I was ready to do it he walked away to set up for the show. The whole time they were playing I was kicking myself for not just asking him. But they were obviously so good I enjoyed the show.

After they were done I was still being a baby and was too scared to go up and talk to them but luckily spencer wasn't going to let me be a baby and went and talked to him first. He was so so nice and I am so glad that we talked to him. And I obviously got my picture so I am not mad that I achieved that life dream.

I think I love them even more after talking to them because they were so cool. So if you don't know about The National Parks go and look them up right now! They even released a new song last week so you better go buy it. 

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