Monday, February 10, 2014


I LOVED high school. Like I really really loved it. Since all my siblings go to the same school I went to I get a lot of opportunities to go back and I am a super nerd so I obviously seize those chances.  

Last week my brother had a basketball game so of course I was going. On the way there I took this snapchat (the car was stopped) and kind of liked it so I am sharing it with you all for no particular reason.

Anyways, as I was walking into the game I saw one of my favorite teachers. He was the yearbook advisor and I spent so much time in the yearbook room it is ridiculous so I know him pretty well. We had a good little chat and it made me realize just how far I have come since those years of sitting in the yearbook room. I was actually really proud to be able to tell him all the things I am doing and how I have progressed. It reminded me that I am doing ok. I am progressing and becoming closer to the person I hope to be.

Then came the fun part. 

The JV game was pretty sad and Waterford didn't do so well. But it gave me a good idea of what the other team was like and the other teams fans (because that is always important to know). By the time the Varsity game started I was actually really really excited for the game. I do not personally know one player on the team but I was still so excited to support my school. And if you know me at all then you know I get pretty into sporting into it that I sometimes yell things at the refs...but its fine!

I was slightly embarrassed at how into the game I was but when halftime rolled around I forgot all about myself. Because the Utah Jazz dunk team was there! They performed at the Utah basketball game a few weeks ago and I was so impressed. I have no idea how they knew about Waterford but it was amazing.

And Waterford obviously won the game and I didn't get into a fight with anyone. So overall I would say it was a good night.

I know not everyone can look back on their high school years as fondly as I can but I really love my school and I am so grateful that I got to go there. 


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  1. You are too cute girl! And how fun that the Utah Jazz dunk team was there!
    xo TJ