Friday, January 31, 2014


This Sunday may be the most important day of my life. 

The Broncos are in the Super Bowl and I can honestly tell you that I have been waiting and hoping for this for at least 6 years (ok that sounds a little more pathetic than I wanted it to) and now it is almost here. 

My heart is palpitating just thinking about it!!!!

I gave my family a challenge to wear something Broncos colors every day and I think I am the only person who did it. How are we supposed to win if we weren't wearing orange/blue every day????

For every other game this season I had a pretty good idea what we were facing. I have been fairly familar with the opponent but this time I am not. I literally can not tell you what the Seahawks strengths are and how the Broncos will match up against them. And that leaves me so stressed out!!!!

A lot of people I have talked to say that the Broncos have a pretty good chance of winning but that just makes me even more stressed. Don't jinx them!

So really, don't tell me they will win and don't tell me they will lose. Cause either way I will just be drowning in this anxiety.

I guess all I can is Go Broncos! And if they lose then I wouldn't talk to me on Sunday...or monday....or tuesday....

Also, this song still sums up my feelings for the broncos despite the fact that Tim doesn't even play in the NFL anymore


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