Monday, January 20, 2014


Ok so last week when I was social media free I was coming up with new ways to entertain myself and for some reason I decided that doing a juice fast would be a good idea. What the heck was I thinking?

I started by doing a bunch of research. And let's be honest, I got most of my information from Dr. Oz. He is like a real credible doctor right? If he was on Oprah he must be good. I thought about doing the Master Cleanse which is where you drink that nasty lemonade, syrup, cayenne pepper drink for like 10 days but I know myself and knew I would rather die than do that. So I decided that a regular juice cleanse was the one for me. 

I looked around at a few different places in salt lake but all the juice cleanses were so expensive, so I just decided that I would do my own thing. I got all the stuff I needed on Saturday and starting this morning until Thursday morning I am only drinking juice and water. So beware, I may be extremely grumpy and ornery.

I have just felt so gross and sluggish lately. I think it might be a kind of "holiday hangover". During the holidays I just eat whatever I want and I am kind of still doing it and I know that is not healthy at all. I have heard the juice cleanses help you feel more energized and just overall better. So we will just see how this goes. Hopefully it helps me as much as it is said to have helped others. 

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