Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Ok, is it just me or does being at a cabin make everything better? Because I definitely think it does. And this weekend was no exception. 

Despite the fact that this was how we had to transport our stuff

You all know how good I am at hiking/ walking in general so you can just imagine how that went. 

We basically spent the whole time playing games, sledding, eating, and playing in ice castles. I was definitely not mad about that. Except for the fact that I am really bad at games but also really competitive so it makes for a bad combo. So they just don't let me play...kidding...kind of...

Don't they look intense? Its too bad you can't hear the yelling that was going on.

Also I am not very good at sledding...lets be honest and say I am not very good at many things haha. I really wish I would have taken at least one picture of us sledding because it was out of control. We had five people and three sleds so we kept trying to find ways to make a train of sleds so we could all go at once. Let's just say that we all need to work on our physics. But by the end we had it going pretty good if I do say so myself.

After sledding we obviously needed a treat so we went behind the shed and made literal snow cones, using snow and liquid crystal light. They were potent. You had to be careful and make sure you diluted your snow cone enough or as Collin would say "I think I am going to throw up". Oh, and don't ask me why we went behind the shed, but we definitely felt like we were doing drugs...and for some of us the snow cones were kind of like drugs haha. 

That afternoon we went to the Midway Ice Castles...and I only took two pictures.

This picture is a slide/ice tunnel that we waited in line forever to go on. And it was not worth it at all. For sliding on ice it was disappointingly slow. So if you go, don't wait in line. No good.

After dinner we went back to the ice castles to see them all lit up. It was freezing cold but so pretty.

You can tell it was cold by my scarf/headwrap.

So so fun. I am pretty sure that everyone should spend all of their time at cabin because they are definitely the best places to be. Oh but make sure that there are no mice. Because I am not down with mice. But if there are no mice then you are good to go!

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