Thursday, December 19, 2013

Finals (pt 2).

I had this super good idea that I would write this great motivational post about how everyone is going to rock their finals and not to get too stressed because these tests really are not going to be that huge of a deal in your life. But then I got too busy worrying about my own finals to even think about writing a blog post.

In the past week 10 days I have written upwards of 17 pages, taken four finals, had two meetings about letters of recommendation, and taken the GRE (which I did fairly well on, thanks for asking). 

But this post isn't about telling you how busy I was, because I know everyone was just as busy. It was mainly just for me to say hi and to tell you how I will be spending my break.

There are just so many books to read and so little time. 

I am also looking forward to trying to catch up on tv and eating as much as my body will hold. So lets just say that I am looking forward to being lazy.

And filling out grad school applications....but lets just all try to forget about that...

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