Monday, November 11, 2013


There is a precedence on this blog to tell about things at least two weeks after they occur so there is no way I could break the tradition now. 

Two weeks ago Austin came up from Provo and we decided that carving pumpkins would be fun. And by fun we meant murderous.

Also, lets just throw out a disclaimer and say that I am horrible at carving pumpkins. Like really awful. This is the extent of my ability.

So fancy!

I also carved a cat face and we stuck a mouse pumpkin in its mouth but of course we didn't take a picture of that one. 

We didn't really want to keep all the pumpkin for ourselves so we decided to drop them off at Andrew and Laurel's house. We put the pumpkins on their porch and then doorbell ditched them . Yes we are two years old. But Andrew and Laurel loved it and they gave us hot chocolate. So no one is mad.

Well actually I am mad at my lack of documentation. I promise I will be better at actually taking pictures in the future. You will hold me accountable to that, right?


  1. Can you still call it doorbell ditching when you go back and have hot chocolate with them?

    1. Yes. I can call it whatever I want. Its not like anyone expected me to literally run away.