Monday, November 25, 2013

Catching Fire.

Ok team, lets talk about Catching Fire. And by Catching Fire I mean Effie Trinket's outfits in Catching Fire.

Seriously though, I was really sad when they had to go into the arena because I knew I wouldn't see anymore of Effie. I have to admit that her hair and makeup was not quite as good as it was in the first movie but the fashion designer for this movie melted my heart. I should also use this opportunity to say sorry to the people sitting around me because I really couldn't stop talking about the clothes.

She seriously murdered this Alexander McQueen look


Effie, please stop trying to kill us all with your amazingness.

And seriously, I can not even handle this one,

Please don't tell me that I am the only one that noticed her clothing. I really can not be the only person that is this obsessed with her. 

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  1. i was seriously DYING inside!!! all the wardrobe was incredible! like eyes watering incredible!