Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Catch up.

I have way too many random things to catch up on to do a post for each of them so here we. Time to catch up on the fabulous life of Anna.

I went to the Rooftop Concert Series concert that featured The National Parks. I am seriously obsessed with this band and the concert could not have been better. 

Kimi, Ivy, and I went to dinner and I took embarrassing pictures of myself with Ivy's amazing sunglasses. Everytime I am with these super amazing ladies I am kind of surprised that we are friends. We are all so completely different but yet we always have the best time together. I guess that is just the power of London. 

I drew a super awesome picture of Anastasia. You might not know that if you spend enough time looking at the extra features of the movie you can learn how to draw her. Don't be too jealous that you aren't as good at art as I am.

We caught a demon spawn in our backyard. AKA a raccoon.

I got a totally cool tattoo. Don't ask me what it means because I can not remember....oh, and to be clear that was just a pen tattoo. I was seriously disappointed when it washed off the next day.

Kelli and I froze our faces off being supportive of our ward soccer team. Don't act like you are surprised that I didn't play in the games. Also don't be surprised that we were freezing even with four blankets.

And last but not least.

Prince George got christened! Is he not the cutest thing you have ever seen??? Don't you worry, I am still just as obsessed with the royal family as I have always been.

Maybe this wins for the most boring post in the history of forever? Or maybe it wins for the most thrilling.
You decide.

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