Wednesday, October 16, 2013


Weird title for a post, right?

But not really. 

Let me first of all remind you that my major is Health, Society, and Policy and I am hoping to get my Master's in public health. Vaccines are some of my best friends. 

Now that you are reminded of that fact, you are more than welcome to stop reading this post. Because honestly most of you could not care less about this topic. But here we go anyways.

A few weeks ago on Glee (yes I still watch Glee) Sue Sylvester was trying to get everyone at school to get polio and meningitis vaccines and Mr. Schuester says "But Sue, polio has been mostly eradicated from the earth"

And that is a partially true fact. 

Polio is mostly eradicated from the earth, but you want to know why? Because of vaccines!

Vaccines have helped to get rid of so many preventable diseases and I for one am so grateful for that. If everyone just stopped getting vaccines these diseases would be back faster than most of us would like to think about. And in places where these vaccines are not accessible then these diseases are still prevalent.

It just makes me mad that on such a popular show they would propagate the message that we are completely safe from these diseases. It is so far from the truth. There are so many people that are dying every day from diseases that could be prevented by vaccines. 

This is really such a nerdy post but it is something I am so passionate about. Countless lives have been lost due to a lack of simple fixes and I wish that Hollywood would not discredit the lives that are lost to these diseases.

Ok, I will get off my soapbox now.  


  1. Thank you for posting about this! I completely agree and it's very frustrating when people look to celebrities for information on whether they should vaccinate themselves and their children instead of going to health care professionals.