Monday, October 7, 2013


I have often been accused of being a snob. Usually because I went to a private school and people think that automatically makes me a snob...whatever. But right now I am going to prove that I am a snob and a smarty pants.

Recently I saw this picture on pintrest.

Isn't that just so romantic? Gatsby and Daisy slipping briskly into and intimacy from which they would never recover. 

Not so fast. 

This quote is not from The Great Gatsby. It is from This Side of Paradise. Another novel written by F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I know this because I read both of those books and I specifically remembered that quote...I think everyone does because it is beautiful, but not romantic. It was actually about the main character Amory and his mentor. Definitely not romantic at all. It was just about a bond that they had formed.

So there you have it. I am a literature snob and I have an insatiable desire to prove my knowledge to the world.

Sorry not sorry.

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  1. yes!!!!! hahaha this is my favorite thing in the world!