Thursday, October 10, 2013

General Conference

Every six months my church hold a general conference where we hear from the leaders of our church. This conference happened last weekend and it was amazing. It is such a wonderful opportunity to hear from these inspired men and women and to be more motivated to be a better disciple of Christ.

There is usually one or two talks that really stand out to me but this time I didn't really have one talk that I was just obsessed with. There was just a overarching feeling from all of the talks that taught me the principles I need to instill into my life at this time. 

That being said, there was one quote that I could not get out of my mind.


Some days doesn't it just feel like you have a very bitter cup? I know that I definitely have times where life just seems really hard and that it will not get better. This quote might seem depressing to some people but for me it was just what I needed. Sometimes there is going to be a bitter cup and it will not always pass easily. No matter how much I pray for a specific trial to be taken from me, sometimes I just have to deal with, trusting that I will be better because of it and I will be happy again. 

Life is hard, and we all know that. And sometimes it will seem almost unbearable, but I can promise you that it will get better. There will be happy days again. If we can keep trusting that it will get better then I think we can make it through anything. 

If you are currently going through something hard and want to talk about it I would love to be a resource for you. I love talking to people and am always open to trying to help someone through a hard time. I also know that if you pray to your Heavenly Father you will gain the strength you need to get you through your difficulty. 

If you want to learn more about General Conference or the LDS church in general I encourage you to go to or They are both really helpful resources.

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