Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Fall Break.

I had such big plans to be super productive over fall break, but lets just be honest there is no way I was even thinking about school. I only have one precious week and I was not letting school ruin that. 

And also being honest, I did nothing productive or good on Monday or Tuesday. Like I was super lazy, pretty bored, and in a fairly bad mood. So by Wednesday I decided to start at least doing something. And of course that thing was shopping. 

City Creek has just been calling my name for the past few weeks and it was so so good to me. I have been looking for a new chambray shirt and some camo pants and I found both. Too too good. Oh and did I mention they were both on sale? Winner!

I also saw my lovely friend Laurel.

Laurel was feeling extra fally and made us try and take pictures with falling leaves. that is why her hand is in the picture. But it obviously did not work. 

On Thursday I decided to go to the Temple. And of course that was good. Except that I forgot that all the schools are out so I was stuck with a big youth group. But it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

And then after a thrilling conversation with Wesley (seriously, we are the best and need to have our own tv show) about different races and where the highest percentage of African-Americans live (lets just say I said Africa...) I watched some Real Housewives of New Jersey with my mom.

(Sorry that last sentence was out of control. If you understood it I am really proud of you)

Then it was time to get outside. I already posted about Millcreek Canyon a few weeks ago and I could not resist going again. But this time I actually hiked...while wearing an outfit that came completely from J crew except for my shoes which were Hunter boots. It was not the most rational decision I have ever made. But hey, I looked cute.

 I mostly went because I am in love with leaves but also because this view.

 How good is that???

The rest of the week was not quite as exciting. I did a lot of reading on Friday and found some books I am really enjoying. And the weekend resulted in two very disappointing football games.

But now I am back at school and I would definitely take disappointing football games over school. Please come back fall break!

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  1. I wish you posted multiple times a day so that I could have more things to read during class.