Monday, October 28, 2013


I hate bananas.

Like seriously detest them. Hence the reason that this blog is called Anna Apricot instead of Anna Banana. Because bananas are the worst.

They have the worst texture. They taste terrible. And I hate the nickname anna banana so bad. Whoever invented that should really be suffering. Because they have caused me a lot of suffering in my life. I mean who wants to be compared to a disgusting mushy fruit???

Not me!

Anyways, I saw this picture on pintrest and was initially turned off because duh, banana. But they I really looked at it and I kind of love it.

I just love the symbolism of it. I mean really. So good.

Even the disgusting things like a rotting banana peel can be covered in jewels but that doesn't mean it isn't a rotting peel. 

I think this really applies to people. We can buy all of the fanciest things and we can have a sparkly exterior (not literally, but if you were literally covered in jewels that would be sweet) but that doesn't effect the person that you really are. 

I like to believe in the good in everyone and I like to try to see the best in people but I also need to remember that everyone is putting on a show. And that isn't necessarily a bad thing. If everyone showed how crazy they were all the time then the world would be seriously messed up. But I think that we all need to remember that exteriors are not who people really are. Just because the girl sitting next to you is wearing an amazing Marc Jacobs dress and her hair is perfectly styled doesn't mean that her life is perfect. She still has problems and trials just like the rest of us. And just because someone is wearing a dirty shirt and smells a little odd doesn't mean we should just write them off. 

People are all people and we all experience really similar things no matter what we look like. 

Who knew a jeweled banana would make me think this much?

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