Thursday, September 5, 2013


Yesterday was my brother's birthday. While I am so grateful to have him in my life I am still a little bitter that he took my only childness away from me. Can you even imagine how much attention I could have if I was an only child??? (Kidding...slightly...)

Can you even believe that Will is 17??? 

You probably can because you don't even know him.

And while he took away my blissful life as an only child, let me just say, that my life would be a million times harder without him in it. 

He is one of the hardest workers I know. He is always serving those around him and he is always quick to obey our parents. Although the rest of us hate it, he really is the perfect child. And without him, Henry and I would be in charge of the chickens and we all know that would not end well.

He is insanely smart. Like really really smart. It can be supremely annoying but also really informative.

In true Will style we just had cake as a family and he even wanted to postpone it so he could go pass off some merit badges. We were all too hungry for cake to let that happen. 

At least we waited for him to open his presents.

Of course he had to test the binoculars out right away. #birdnerd

Now you can see why we didn't want to have to wait for the cake.

Happy Birthday Will!!!!

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  1. just wait till will turns 21. mind. blown. when my little brother turned that i was all, "hold up, so how old am....I?!?"

    xo marlen
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