Friday, September 27, 2013


In case you were not aware I am pretty much obsessed with Utah football. I am in shock that I haven't posted even one thing from this season and it is already like a third of the way done.

So I know you have all been dying to see my pictures from the first few games so here they are.

There are trumpet players on other trumpet players shoulders!!!

Last week I got the chance to tour the new Utah football facility. I was so so so excited. Like never been more excited in my whole life

Rachel was kind enough to come with me and I think she was just as excited as I was.

Of course I had to involve the Broncos somehow. And speaking of the broncos they look great!

Not going to lie, the locker room kind of smelled really bad...

Sugar Bowl trophy! In case you can't read the score that says "Utah 31 Alabama 17". Yes the Utes killed the Crimson Tide and I have never been more proud of them.

Last Saturday was also the BYU game. Otherwise known as the best rivalry ever. The whole state gets into it and I stop being friends with people that cheer for BYU. This is very serious business.

But Suzie was still nice and sent me this text the day before.

But we all know that the Utes are the best. And they obviously proved it. The Utes killed it and won!!! That makes 4 years in a row! 


And now I can go back to being somewhat cordial to my byu loving friends....maybe...

I think that me and Courtney's friendship is gone for life. Sorry not sorry that you chose the wrong team to like. 

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  1. Anna, I've actually been thinking a lot about the rivalry the past few days and I decided that I do still love you.