Monday, September 23, 2013


I had big plans of curling up with my political science book tonight but Sica requested a post so here I am. 

And this one is especially for Sica. 

First of all I toured the University of Utah football facility and I knew I had to take this picture for her.

Then I failed and didn't take any picture of the inside of the athletic training area. She will be so disappointed in me. But I did take plenty of pictures of the rest of the facility and those will be coming soon. 

Go Utes!

I also never mentioned the amazing birthday present that Sica got me. 

You guys might not know this but I went to London on a study abroad and am now obsessed with British candy and there is nothing that will quell my love for digestives. So when I opened a box full of digestives and percy pigs I was literally the happiest person alive. If you don't know what digestives and/or percy pigs are then you are seriously missing out and I feel really sorry for you. 

Thank you thank you thank you!

I would also like to mention that someone else (who shall not be named, but you know who you are) refused to bring me my own pack of digestives when they went to Canada so it is a miracle that I am still friends with said human. 

Back to Sica, she is the best and I really really wish she didn't move to California and leave me all alone. But I guess it isn't so bad, because having someone to visit in California is never a bad thing.

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