Monday, September 30, 2013


Lately there have been some things going on in my life that scare me. Like really really terrify me. Some of these things scare me even more than sinkholes do, and if you know me at all then you will know sinkholes are the worst thing on the earth.

Anyways, while thinking about these things I saw these few quotes on pintrest. 

Both of these really struck a chord with me and made me want to be brave. They made me want to say the things I need to say and do the things I need to do. If I can just get over my fear and decide what I really want then it will all work out. 

And even if it doesn't work out the way I want at least I won't have any regrets. Because I have a feeling that any pain I may feel in this moment will be better than looking back and asking "what if?". 


In my effort to be braver, I hope that everyone else will be brave too. I know that it can be so hard especially when you feel like you might be rejected or that everything you want is hanging in the balance.
I can promise you that what might seem like a risk can turn out to be the best thing you have ever done.

So lets all be brave and not let our fear stand in the way of what we want. 

And if you need some inspiration you can listen to this song. Because it is definitely helping me to be brave.

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