Friday, August 23, 2013


My lovely friend Shelby blogs over at A Day in the Life. I think she is just fabulous and her blog is amazing. She is going on a mission in about a month and asked me to take some pictures for her before she left. She is a marvelous photographer so I have never been more intimidated in my life.

She had the super fun idea of taking a huge chair, dressing up, and going out to the Salt Flats.

The idea sounded great until we tried to lift the chair. I am pretty sure it weighed at least 500 pounds...ok maybe that is an exaggeration...but still, way heavy.

But I definitely think it was worth it.

I think she is just the cutest. And I am so excited for her to go on her mission.

This little photoshoot did cause a big problem for me. I always thought that I didn't really like photographing people but now I am obsessed with it. 

So if anyone wants very non-professional pictures taken just let me know!

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  1. oh my word, stop it!!! get these to me ASAP!!