Thursday, August 1, 2013


Let's just be honest, my July goal was a little bit of a fail. 

I did really well for a few days but it started to feel like too much pressure. I know that these goals a meant to challenge but this one was just not a good kind of pressure. 

I felt so much stress just trying to read the correct number of pages every day that I wasn't getting anything out of my reading. So there really was no point.

I gave up about half way through the month and went back to having a normal reading schedule. I feel like I am just able to learn so much more when I don't have to read a specific number of pages. I am just reading for understanding and spiritual guidance instead of for some kind of irrelevant goal.

Now don't get me wrong, these goals are important and have been helpful in my life but this one just wasn't meant to be and I don't feel disappointed about it at all.

Here is onto August. Which I have changed to no we will see how that goes....

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