Friday, August 16, 2013


Our main activity in Montana was hiking.

If you know me at all, you might be thinking "wait, anna is like the worst hiker ever"

And you would be right but for some reason I was all about hiking in Montana. I LOVED it!!!

The best part about all this hiking? I got to take a million pictures! I have never been more obsessed with the beauty of the earth than I was on this trip. You will hopefully be able to see that from my pictures?


And I can even prove I was in the nature!

Sorry sorry sorry for anyone that looked through all of those. But I think I demonstrated that I am obsessed.


  1. This is beautiful. Now I really want to go to Montana.

  2. Was that a Canadian flag in the picture with flags in it? Where exactly were you in Montana?

    1. I don't remember there being a picture of a canadian flag but we definitely saw some. We were just outside of Kalispell and spent most of our time in Glacier national park which is right on the border.