Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We spent a lot of our time exploring Glacier National Park.

One of the first days in Glacier it was seriously raining and foggy but that didn't stop us. We went on the best hike ever that looked like we hiked to the edge of the world. We also saw a big horn sheep like 20 feet away from us. So I am not mad.

Luckily we got to go back another day when it was better weather.

And we got to ride in this amazing car.

The views were definitely worth the car ride.

Sorry that I let my presence disturb the beauty of the nature.

Oh and don't let me forget about the best part of the park.


Maisie was just as excited as I was.

Can you see the little baby???

I just about died when I saw them. I may or may not be obsessed with animals and goats are my favorite. I could barely contain myself!!!

If they let you live in the park I am pretty sure I would be perfectly content to live there always....except in the winter where they get like 20 feet of snow. That doesn't sound too great.

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