Wednesday, August 28, 2013


One time during my birthday week post I mentioned that I was working on a craft project and then I never brought it up again. I know you guys have been anxiously awaiting me to reveal my my project for almost two months. I can't believe I kept my fans waiting. 

First let me say I am not good at crafts. And honestly I was really proud of how my room was looking. Even this wall that just had paper taped to it...

I decided paper taped to a wall was not good enough, so I thought making a homemade corkboard would be easy enough.....

Boy was I wrong.

I started with this foam board and then hot glued the cork to it.

Those pictures make it look a lot easier than it was. It took me multiple hours and a lot of anger to get it looking even remotely acceptable.

After I let it dry and let my anger pass for a few days I worked out a way to actually hook it to the wall.

I think that picture pretty much explains how I decided to do it. I think this is the step I am most proud of cause I figured that out all on my own. 

I know it looks a little sad, but I am pretty proud of it.

I completed it with some pintrest pictures and I think it looks semi-acceptable.

Don't be jealous that you are not as good at crafting as I am.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The End.

This is the end of my posts about Montana and while I am crying because I miss it, I am sure you are all crying because you are glad you don't have to hear about my trip anymore. I really don't like reading other people's recap posts so I am sorry I put you through reading mine.

These are just some pictures that I like but didn't fit in any other post.

Hooray for Montana!

Monday, August 26, 2013


I am trying really hard to be positive about the first day of school today, but we all know that won't happen. So I will just tell you all about my new favorite singer and hope that keeps me somewhat happy.

I read this article on buzzfeed about this new artist named Lorde. 

As soon as I read it I knew I had to listen to her music.


She kind of reminds me of Lana Del Ray but she definitely has her own vibe.

Listen for yourself!

Friday, August 23, 2013


My lovely friend Shelby blogs over at A Day in the Life. I think she is just fabulous and her blog is amazing. She is going on a mission in about a month and asked me to take some pictures for her before she left. She is a marvelous photographer so I have never been more intimidated in my life.

She had the super fun idea of taking a huge chair, dressing up, and going out to the Salt Flats.

The idea sounded great until we tried to lift the chair. I am pretty sure it weighed at least 500 pounds...ok maybe that is an exaggeration...but still, way heavy.

But I definitely think it was worth it.

I think she is just the cutest. And I am so excited for her to go on her mission.

This little photoshoot did cause a big problem for me. I always thought that I didn't really like photographing people but now I am obsessed with it. 

So if anyone wants very non-professional pictures taken just let me know!

Thursday, August 22, 2013


I promise we are so close to the end of the posts about Montana. I really just don't want to forget anything.

One of my favorite things we did was go on a horse back ride to have dinner in the woods. I have done a lot of horse riding in my life but not so much recently so it felt really good to get back in the saddle.

Me and Kasey made sure that everyone knew we were serious about this.

All of the real cowboys thought we were such dorks for dressing so obviously western. I mean, braids? Really?

As soon as I got assigned to the tallest horse ever and got on without any help they changed their tune.

This picture does not do it justice but this horse is seriously HUGE. His name was jumbo for crying out loud. And I think that I might be in love with him. Such a cool horse.

I love horses and this ride really made me want to take my horse up into the mountains and just explore. Doesn't that just sound like heaven??

And cowgirl Maisie would not let herself get forgotten.

Wednesday, August 21, 2013


So I guess school starts next Monday?

I wouldn't really know because none of my teachers have even posted a syllabus and it is sending me into a panic attack driven insanity. 

How am I supposed to be prepared without syllabi????

I am usually not crazy about school but not having a syllabus before school starts makes me feel so unprepared and basically signals doom and despair.

Also causing some major stress.

That is my desktop covered with virtual sticky notes of things I need to get done...well actually one of those is just some songs I am liking right now, but it is one of the small ones so it barely counts. 

Doesn't my life just sound like a lovely bowl of happiness??

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


We spent a lot of our time exploring Glacier National Park.

One of the first days in Glacier it was seriously raining and foggy but that didn't stop us. We went on the best hike ever that looked like we hiked to the edge of the world. We also saw a big horn sheep like 20 feet away from us. So I am not mad.

Luckily we got to go back another day when it was better weather.

And we got to ride in this amazing car.

The views were definitely worth the car ride.

Sorry that I let my presence disturb the beauty of the nature.

Oh and don't let me forget about the best part of the park.


Maisie was just as excited as I was.

Can you see the little baby???

I just about died when I saw them. I may or may not be obsessed with animals and goats are my favorite. I could barely contain myself!!!

If they let you live in the park I am pretty sure I would be perfectly content to live there always....except in the winter where they get like 20 feet of snow. That doesn't sound too great.