Monday, July 29, 2013


I currently on my way to Montana for our big family vacation.

You might be thinking it is weird that we are going to Montana but I am actually pretty excited. So get ready for a million pictures when I get home.

Now all of you can be excited too!

But I just wanted to document some things that have happened lately.

Laurel and Andrew invited me over for dinner! Doesn't it look impressive?

This is probably bad to say but I was happily surprised by Laurel's cooking skills. The dinner was really good.

One reason why I can not be married right now is that my cooking skills are a little sad and I don't think I have the motivation to make dinner every night. That just sounds like a drag.

But laurel is doing a great job of it! What a good little housewife haha. 

I got to hang out with this little monster and I am totally obsessed with her.

I know I just said that I couldn't be married but I could definitely have a baby as long as it was this exact one.

I think she is the cutest thing to ever grace this earth and she is so happy all the time. She just melts my heart.

I also hung out with this person and he might literally be a monster.

Like I am kind of disturbed with this picture.

But me and Austin have been having a lovely time lately...even if he does just use me for access to a pool...

And even if we eat mexican food that makes both of us sick. That proves that I will do just about anything for a churro.

That is probably a problem...yolo.

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