Thursday, July 18, 2013

Farmer's Market

Last Saturday I spent some time at the Salt Lake Farmer's Market. 

Let me first say I ate the best taco ever.

Oh and that lemonade was not too bad either. 

I went because I am interning with the Utah Refugee Coalition and I was looking at their booth for Global Artisans because I am running the booth at the Twilight Concert Series tonight. So be sure to come and visit me if you are going!

Well anyways, the farmers market was lovely. I got some amazing cherries and I got to take some pictures so I am definitely not mad. And I plan on going again in the future so if you want to go I am so down.


  1. The picture of that warehouse is great. I love the yellow against the blue.

  2. ok, these pictures are AWESOME! lets go on a photo taking adventure pretty please!