Thursday, July 11, 2013


So did you know that we have a farm?

This is the farm. Doesn't it look exciting?

When there are baby tornadoes it is exciting.

I spent a day last week at the farm and it was approximately one million degrees but still quite enjoyable.

One of the main reasons we went out there was because they were baling the hay.


 So that was fun. I mostly just watching while other people did all the real work.

I think documenting was just as important as actually helping, don't you agree?

I also decided that being a professional four wheeler is in my future.

Oh and I did some horse whispering.

When I say horse whispering I mean crying. Literal crying. For some reason those dang horses were making me so emotional. I do not even know what it was. 

And then for some reason I decided to reveal that super embarrassing fact to the whole world. 


I would say it was a pretty successful day. Especially since I took these pictures.

And I played with Art!

Hooray for farms!


  1. This sounds like the best ever (besides baling hay, which sounds ridiculously hard to me). It's all about horses and four wheeling and being outside in the summer!


  2. Pretty sure you're the best photographer that's not a serious photographer that I know. Also, can I come with you to your farm someday?