Thursday, July 25, 2013


Want to know how I know I am a good sister?

1. I posted about the royal baby instead of my sister on her birthday.

2. These are the only two decent pictures I could find of my sister on my computer.

Ok fine. I mostly just wanted to post the first picture because I am wearing super cool skechers and those capris are really rocking the world of fashion.

It is not my fault that pre-teen girls don't like me to take pictures of them as much as 6 year olds do.

But Ellie is 13 now and that is just crazy sauce. 

She is the only sibling that I can remember being born, the other ones just kind of appeared. 

I spent the whole day at my grandparents waiting by the phone. I was so so excited to finally be getting a sister after those two brothers. Speaking of brothers, I have no recollection of them being with me on the day Ellie was born so who even knows what they were doing.  

I can seriously tell you that that day was the longest one of my life. I am sure my mom wasn't having a very pleasant experience either but I think I was the one that was really suffering. How long does an 8 year old have to wait to get her baby sister???

Apparently the answer is all day. The amount of tv I watched that day was probably the beginning of my addiction to tv. But finally she was born! 

And disappointingly she was named Elizabeth instead of Isabelle. Which caused quite a dilemma in my life because I had made a book at school and wrote that I had a baby sister named Isabelle. People are going to be very confused when I am famous and they read that book only to find no record of "Isabelle"

Happy belated birthday Ellie!! I am so grateful for you in my life. 

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